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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as many industry gurus proclaim, is governed by the whims of search engines and guaranteeing results on the same is humanly impossible. Even Google, a premiere search engine, seconds this opinion and asserts that no one can promise number 1 ranking on its search platform.

We, at SEO First, abide by what the experts have to say but we still Guarantee.

We guarantee satisfaction and those things which we believe we can achieve and are well within our grasp. Following is an account of our services' guarantee:

  • 30% of the keywords selected by us for your website shall be on the 1st page of search engine/s in 120 days of the project's initiation. If you do not receive this ranking, your money will be refunded to you.
  • We are certain that the rankings of all your keywords will elevate. With such improved Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) exposure, you will reach your targeted audience with more effectiveness.
  • Given the cost effective work structure at SEO First and the results we are confident of garnering, the ROI shall always stay soaring high.
  • What is also guaranteed with us is the use of only white hat SEO techniques. Such techniques might take a little longer to take your keywords to the top but once reached they would stay there for longer. Using unethical routes to SEO doesn't form a part of our dictionary.
  • You can, hence, expect your website to be deluged with visits. Increased visits will mean an increased opportunity of expanding your business.
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    “SEO optimization is a very competitive service, and SEO - First has reassured me that their services and excellent packages offer the best ranking in the shortest time possible...”

    Da Silva Rocha,
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