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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one off event but a cumulation of varied tasks that take place in the backdrop to accentuate results. It is the grouping and sequencing of these tasks that determine the effectiveness of SEO. Also known as the SEO process, such task grouping and sequencing might vary from one company to another; and hence, generate varying results.

SEO First – An Invincible Process

We, at SEO First, have spent a considerable amount of time on developing our SEO process. We have read through the comments of experts, tried various combinations and finally arrived at a process which we can term as Invincible.

Here is a brief description of the same:

Website Analysis & Evaluation:

The first step is that of analysis and evaluation. Our professional team scrupulously researches and analyzes the competitors' websites. This gives us a clearer picture of the strategy that is working best in the industry.

We also establish benchmarks to know the best practices being followed and ensure that these benchmarks are being attained (if not breached) to generate better results.

Finally, we analyze the client's website to look for avenues of improvement in the structure, content and other aspects of the same.

Keyword Research:

Which ones is the most frequently searched keyword phrases for your website? You might provide an answer to this question through experience and gut feel. We, however, rely on more objective ways through which we deduce those keywords which are the most prospective to direct traffic to your site.

The process, though, is not authoritarian and your contribution to it is indispensable. A list of the top keywords, as per our research, is sent to you for you to evaluate and select keywords on the basis of their importance to your business.


Then begins the core process of search engine optimization. The various strategies of making your website rank higher are executed. The first arm of this process is On Page Optimization. Here, various facets of your website are attended to to make them search engine ready. Alongside, other efforts like meta tags, HTML code refining, RSS creation, image optimization and SEO friendly content creation also undertaken.

Off Page Optimization happens to be the second arm of this core process. As the name suggests, it targets sources, other than the client's website, to receive valuable backlinks. Article and PR submissions, Link building and other intriguing aspects of off page optimization are taken up.

Moreover, various other innovative forms of SEO are also utilized to bring out the best results.

Monitoring & Maintenance

As mentioned above, SEO is not a one off event and it requires regular monitoring and maintenance. With our dedicated search assistants, we ensure that websites don't just reach the top but stay there for long.

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